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What is NetPals?






    What is NetPals? What is NetPals?
- What is NetPals?
- What is the objective of NetPals?
- Who is the sponsoring company L-Soft international, Inc.?
- What technology is used?


    Newcomers What are mailing lists and how can you participate on one?
- What are mailing lists?
- What are mailing lists used for?
- How are schools using mailing lists?
- How to participate on a mailing list
- How to create your own NetPals mailing list
- LISTSERV General User's Guide


    Communicate Search for mailing lists to communicate with others
- Archives of NetPals' mailing lists
- CataListSM: the official catalog of LISTSERV® lists


    Create Create a NetPals Mailing List
- NetPals Hosting Service
- How to apply for a NetPals mailing list
- Ideas for NetPals Mailing Lists
- What is a List Owner?
- LISTSERV® List Owner's Quick Start Guide
- LISTSERV List Owner's Manual
- NetPals Technical Support Forum


    Install Install your own LISTSERV® Lite Server
- NetPals Free LISTSERV Lite Licenses
- What is LISTSERV Lite?
- Install a LISTSERV Lite Server
- The LISTSERV Support FAQ
- LISTSERV Site Maintainer's Manual
- NetPals Technical Support Forum


    Resources Resources
- LISTSERV® General User's Guide
- LISTSERV List Owner's Quick Start
- LISTSERV List Owner's Manual
- The LISTSERV Support FAQ
- The LISTSERV Site Maintainer's Manual
- NetPals Technical Support Forum
- Internet Explorer Resources for Educators
- Microsoft Office for K-12 Education


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