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NetPals List Hosting Application

The following conditions apply to NetPals List Hosting at L-Soft.

  • The NetPals program is intended for primary and secondary schools (K-12, student ages up to approximately 18 years old), school districts and students and teachers. Church groups and related educational and youth service organizations generally also qualify. NetPals is intended to support direct educational program efforts.
  • In order to conserve server resources and allow as many scools as possible to participate, each list is normally limited to a maximum of 250 subscribers. If you need more than this, you may request an increase after your list is created. Be prepared with reasons to justify your request for an increase. For resource reasons, the absolute maximum number of subscribers per list is 1000.
  • Lists that are inactive or unused for longer than 6 months may be removed without further notice. Please notify us if you no longer need your list.
  • For server resource reasons, the total size of individual List Messages (specifically messages with large attachments) may be limited. The size of List Message Archives may also be limited.
  • All List Messages are automatically checked for e-mail viruses by LISTSERV Virus Protection.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below so that we may process your application form. We have placed the toughest questions first, so that you do not spend time answering easy questions only to discover that you have some research to do and need to come back. To keep the list of questions to a reasonable size, we have only addressed the most basic configuration options here. You will be free to fine-tune your list configuration later. After your list is set up, you can change almost any of the parameters mentioned in this form (except for the name of the list and the subscriber limits).

  1. Choose a name for your list (RENAISSANCE-L, XYZ-L, etc.)

    The name should be descriptive, but specific. Many lists have a name ending in -L, as a convention, but this is not a requirement. If you are not sure, leave this field blank and our list administrators will suggest a suitable name based on the list description (see below).

    You may want to search the catalog of LISTSERV lists first to make sure that your name is not already taken by another list.

    List name:

    IMPORTANT: This is the only parameter that you will not be able to change yourself once the list is created, so choose it carefully!

  2. Enter a short working "title" for your list

    The title should be a short description of the purpose of your list, and must fit on one line. A good title could be "Renaissance History list" or "The art works of the Renaissance".

    Choosing a good title is important, as this is what will be shown when people search the NetPals lists (your list will be automatically added to this database if it is open to the public). Potential subscribers should be able to quickly identify the purpose of your list by just reading the title.

    List title:

  3. Enter a full description for your list

    The description should be detailed enough to make it clear to any prospective subscriber what the list is about. You should try not to exceed 4-5 lines. There is no need to indicate the address of the person who will manage the list as this information will be provided in a separate field.

    You may also use this description area to provide us additional information about your school or school district or other educational program to help us reach a decision about whether or not to grant your list.

  4. Select list archive options

    LISTSERV® can automatically archive the messages posted to your list.

    Enable list archives

  5. Select access control options

    LISTSERV gives you full control over the security of your list. There are a lot of options that allow you to define who can do what and when, and it would be impossible to include them all in this form. For a full discussion of LISTSERV's security and access control features, please refer to the LISTSERV list owner's guide.

    Some of the most commonly used configurations will be listed below. If the configuration you are looking for is not listed, just select another one for now and change it once the list has been created.

    Anyone can join Anyone can post
    Owner adds members Only members may post
    Moderated list

  6. Select visibility options

    By default, your list will be automatically announced by the NetPals server and will (within 24h of its creation) appear in the worldwide CataList and be available for searching through the LIST GLOBAL command. In some cases, however, this may not be desirable. While this is an "advanced" configuration option, we are including it here because of the potential impact of an unwanted automatic announcement. You should uncheck the box only if your list is of a confidential or sensitive nature.

    Add my list to the public database of NetPals lists

  7. Enter your name, phone number and e-mail address

    We need your name and e-mail address to establish your account and create the list. We will also need the name of your school and the extension with which to contact you at the school.

    If you are a student, please ask your teacher to fill in this form on behalf of your class.

    Your name:
    Your job title:
    School name:
    ZIP/Postal code:
    E-mail address:
    Phone number:
    Fax number:

  8. Some Statistical Data

    To help us plan our development efforts, please try to answer these questions reasonably, we expect some estimates. We would like a rough idea of your anticipated usage for this list over the next 6-12 months. We also would like to know a little about the ways you anticipate using your LISTSERV list.
    Estimated total subscribers:

    Style of Usage: (check all that apply)

    Announcements only
    Open discussion
    Moderated discussion

    Types of Usage: (check all that apply)

    Staff support/development
    Teacher support/development
    Community communication
    Student use
    Direct instruction

  9. Select your preferred language

    While L-Soft's operations are based in the US, we have customers all over the world and understand how uncomfortable it can be to converse in a foreign language. Some of our NetPals representatives speak other languages and you may select your preferred language from the list given below. You will get best response time, however, if you select English.

    Preferred language:

    I would rather be contacted in English than wait

    I don't mind waiting to get a call in my preferred language

  10. Submit the information

    Please click on the Submit button below when you are ready to submit your application. The time frame for processing your application is as follows:

    • Within a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail message confirming the receipt of your request.

    • You will be notified within 4 business days, whether or not your application has been approved. If approved, your List will be created then and you will receive further instructions. If not approved, you will be notified as to why not. There might be an additional delay if you selected a language other than English.


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