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NetPals Free LISTSERV®-Lite License Application


Obtaining a free license to install and use the LISTSERV-Lite mailing list software at your own school or school district is very easy. First, I want to be sure that you are in fact planning to setup a copy of the LISTSERV program on your own server at the school and administer it yourself. We also provide List Hosting services for free NetPals lists that are hosted on our servers at L-Soft and sometimes people confuse the 2 application forms on our website.

Secondly, I want to confirm the basic technical requirements needed for successfully installing and operating LISTSERV so you can be sure your site is able to provide them.

The minimum requirements for LISTSERV are

  1. Typically Windows Server 2003 or 2008 or Linux/Unix. (See form below for other supported OS.)
  2. L-Soft recommends minimum 2 Gb ram memory on Intel type machines but 4 Gb is better. 20gb (free space) or larger hard disk. NTFS partition preferred.
  3. TCP/IP internet connection to receive SMTP mail.
    As a mail receiver, LISTSERV also requires a static IP address with a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) registered with an "A" record in Public DNS. The FQDN will typically be a subdomain of your existing domain such as "listserv.example.com". The LISTSERV machine typically receives its own mail directly. For machines behind firewalls, port 25 must be opened through the firewall for SMTP traffic and port 80 for HTTP traffic to/from that machine.
  4. A SMTP mail delivery program for outbound mail. For Windows, this may be the IIS SMTPSVC Mailer or a mailer on another machine. For Linux/Unix we recommend Postfix (on the local machine) over sendmail or qmail for ease of configuration and use with LISTSERV.
  5. In addition, in order to use the WWW managment interface, you will need a webserver program installed on the LISTSERV machine (even if you have a primary webserver on a different machine). This can be IIS (Windows) or Apache (Linux/Unix). Further information about this is found in the Installation Notes in the install package.

The NetPals license is separate from our regular license. It is a LISTSERV-Lite license, but, unlike the Free-Edition license (10 lists of up to 500 subscribers), the NetPals license allows an unlimited number of lists and subscribers. The limitation is that it be used only for educational purposes in the K-12 grade range or equivalent. Note also, that while the license is "unlimited" there are practical limits (memory, disk space, etc) to the number and size of lists that can be hosted on a single machine.

We have a license agreement which we can mail or fax to you if you will let us know which you prefer. Once we receive back your signed copy, we will send you the License Activation Key by email. You install that and off you go.

All we need in order to begin this process is your contact information:

  1. Enter your name, address, phone number and e-mail address

    We need your name and e-mail address, the name of your school and the phone number and extension to contact you at the school.

    Please note that if you are a student or a teacher, please ask the Technology Coordinator of your school to fill in this form on behalf of your school or school district.
    Your name:
    Your job title:
    School name:
    ZIP/Postal code:
    E-mail address:
    Phone number:
    Fax number:

  2. Specify the Operating System for your Server

  3. Some Statistical Data

    To help us plan our development efforts, please try to answer these questions reasonably, we expect some estimates. We would like a rough idea of your anticipated usage on your LISTSERV server over the next 6-12 months. We also would like to know a little about the ways you anticipate using LISTSERV.
    Est. number of lists:
    Est. total subscribers:

    Style of Usage: (check all that apply)

    Announcements only
    Open discussion
    Moderated discussion

    Types of Usage: (check all that apply)

    Staff support/development
    Teacher support/development
    Community communication
    Student use
    Direct instruction

  4. Select your preferred language

    While L-Soft's operations are based in the US, we have customers all over the world and understand how uncomfortable it can be to converse in a foreign language. Some of our NetPals representatives speak other languages and you may select your preferred language from the list given below. You will get best response time, however, if you select English.

    Preferred language:

    I would rather be contacted in English than wait

    I don't mind waiting to get a call in my preferred language

  5. Submit the information

    Please click on the Submit button below when you are ready to submit your application.

    You will then be contacted by a NetPals representative within a few business hours. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm US Eastern time. There might be an additional delay if you selected a language other than English.


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