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    NetPals Hosting Service NetPals offers free mailing list hosting services to the international primary and secondary school community. This service makes it possible for schools, educators and students (with appropriate supervision) to create their own mailing lists hosted on L-Soft’s centrally maintained servers.

This service is suitable for those schools and teachers that prefer L-Soft to manage the technicalities of hosting their lists, while they concentrate on the content of the lists.

Please Note: Students may create mailing lists with the appropriate supervision of a teacher, who will have the responsibility as list owner for the operation and content of the list.


    How to apply for a NetPals mailing list To apply for a NetPals mailing list hosted by L-Soft, please fill out the NetPals application form. On the form, briefly explain the objective of the mailing list you wish to create. Please keep in mind that NetPals' mailing lists should be of education related topics that enhance the knowledge of the younger generation.

Please note that teacher supervision is required for the creation of any student mailing lists.

If you are interested in creating a commercial mailing list please visit L-Soft’s EASE Outsourcing Services for more information.


    Ideas for NetPals Mailing Lists

The possibilities of how mailing lists can be applied by the international school community and the general community, are endless. The following are illustrations that may serve as a guide for future NetPals list owners during their process of deciding what kind of mailing list they wish to create.

- A school may create a mailing list to distribute periodic newsletters, school bulletins and/or announcements of school activities to parents, teachers and students.

- Teachers could make use of mailing lists to interchange opinions with other teachers. The mailing list could be limited to teachers on-site, or exclusively for teachers within the country, or could be open for participation on behalf of all teachers worldwide.

- Students (with the appropriate teacher supervision) may form mailing lists to discuss specific subjects with other students and teachers. For instance, a mailing list could be assigned for discussion of history or French, or any other subject of interest.

- Teachers at different schools may collaborate efforts and create mailing lists with the interest of encouraging the interaction of students between schools worldwide.

The possibilities of how mailing lists may be used are endless! The examples above are just a few illustrations. If you or your school is using NetPals mailing list service in an interesting way, write to us and tell us about it! Write to netpals@netpals.lsoft.com.


    What is a List Owner?

Each mailing list is managed by a list owner (or sometimes several owners for large lists). The list owner is the person with formal responsibility for the operation and content of the list -- a kind of referee, if you want.

The list owner is also responsible for all administrative matters and for answering questions of the list subscribers. It is not unusual to have several list owners spreading the work and responsibilities among themselves. It is common for a "technical" list owner to assist another non-technical person who may be formally in charge of the list

List owners are required to have a valid e-mail account in order to interact with the list server. Although, the list owner has the facility of managing their list(s) from the web interface, there are still certain transactions that will need to be confirmed via e-mail.

For more information on how to manage lists review the LISTSERV List Owner's Manual.


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