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NetPals Free LISTSERV® Lite Licenses

What is LISTSERV® Lite?

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    NetPals Free LISTSERV® Lite Licenses NetPals offers free LISTSERV Lite licenses to the international primary and secondary school community. This permits schools with the necessary equipment and technical staff to install and manage their own mailing list server.


    What is LISTSERV® Lite?

LISTSERV® Lite is a mailing list management software that complements L-Soft's current high-end, industrial strength mailing solutions. Based on the same time-tested source code as the original LISTSERV (known as LISTSERV® Classic), LISTSERV Lite offers an extremely stable, and highly capable option for sites with moderate workloads.

You'll find that most of the popular features that distinguish LISTSERV from other mailing list managers have been retained in LISTSERV Lite. However, the Lite version does not include the more advanced functions that are critical for larger sites with hundreds of mailing lists. LISTSERV Lite is available for all the operating systems supported by LISTSERV, except VM.

LISTSERV Lite software is developed and licensed by L-Soft international, Inc., the leading providers of electronic mailing list solutions. For more information about LISTSERV Lite, go to http://www.lsoft.com/products/listserv_checklist.asp or write to netpals@netpals.lsoft.com


    Install a LISTSERV Lite Server Fill out the corresponding NetPals application form to apply for a Free LISTSERV Lite license and install your own mailing list server.


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