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What is NetPals?

What is NetPals?

What is the objective of NetPals?

Who is the sponsoring company L-Soft?

What technology is used?






    What is NetPals? Introduced by L-Soft international, Inc., NetPals offers free electronic mailing list solutions to the international school community.

NetPals offers two solutions:

-NetPals Hosting Service: This service provides educators and students with the facility to create electronic mailing lists that will be hosted on L-Soft's centrally maintained servers.

-NetPals Free LISTSERV Lite Licenses: NetPals offers schools the option of installing and maintaining their own mailing list server powered by LISTSERV Lite.

All of NetPals'mailing lists consist of education related topics that enhance the knowledge of the younger generation.


    What is the objective of NetPals?

- L-Soft international, Inc. introduces NetPals with the interest of promoting electronic interaction within the international school community.

- NetPals complements the global efforts of connecting primary and secondary schools around the world to the Internet which familiarizes the younger generation with the new tools of communication and information.

- Since the beginning of the Internet, mailing lists have been used as an efficient means of communication for sustaining dynamic relations in the higher education sector. NetPals offers these same advantages of mailing list communication to primary and secondary schools (K-12), teachers and students around the world.

- As a result of the increased flow of knowledge and the expansion of what we could call the virtual school community -- schools, teachers and students will have the benefit of the vast amounts of information and exchange of culture.


    What technology is used?

NetPals mailing lists are powered by L-Soft's renowned LISTSERV® list management software.

NetPals mailing lists are hosted on L-Soft’s centrally maintained servers which are among the fastest and largest mailing list servers in the world.

LISTSERV® mailing list management system is used to create, manage and control NetPals' mailing lists. Since its inception in 1986, LISTSERV is continually improved and remains as the predominant system in use today. Its flexibility, performance and fabled robustness has made it the software of choice for high visibility, high volume mailing lists -- and for just about any other type of list, too. In fact, LISTSERV delivers more than 37 million messages on an average weekday to subscribers of over 460,000 LISTSERV lists worldwide. (See current stats)

LISTSERV is developed and licensed by L-Soft international, Inc.


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